Mike Sanders - Veterinary Care, New Zealand
Veterinary Care"We have been a long time user of VETLINKSQL, in fact I believe one of the first few. We originally merged two older software into VETLINKSQL, and then later progressed to a multi-branch system (we have 3 clinics). The transitions from the other systems, and then the upgrade to the multi-branch system were both relatively “painless”, and straightforward. Clive and Goran both were fantastic during these processes.

I have found VETLINKSQL to be simple to use and very reliable. It has been interesting to see the growth and changes to the software over the years and the vision and innovation of the development team seems to well ahead of other veterinary software. For those owners like me who will never be computer wizards the help desk is invaluable and always available, knowledgeable and willing to help out with solutions to issues. The more recent added features have helped reduce the staff’s workload with automated systems etc. We also try and do some database marketing and have over the years enjoyed the progression of this side of the software. "

Mike Sanders - Managing Director, Veterinary Care
Balmoral, Pt Chevalier & Royal Oak, New Zealand

Long time user of VETLINKSQL
Christopher - The Animal Shack, Pukekohe, New Zealand
Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group"All I can say is thank you and with this amazing offer and to say YES to it! You all have been very supportive, helpful and have helped solve and answer any query large or small with a genuine friendly experience team fully committed to making things work for our business. "

Christopher - The Animal Shack, Pukekohe, New Zealand

Pet store in Pukekohe, New Zealand
SuHin - Vets For Life Animal Clinic, Singapore
Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group"We have been using VETLINKSQL since 2013 when we set up our first clinic. It was highly recommended by one of our Vets who had already used it and had first-hand experience with their helpdesk team. What impressed me most was the their sheer enthusiasm and innovative approach with so many really nice features that continue to come with upgrades. For me as an owner, dealing directly with the CEO (Deven Patel), who has a sound technical background, is always a pleasure. He is always available to take your call, very accommodating, and makes regular visits to see his Singapore clients. We have just opened another clinic and Deven has advised and assisted us all the way. We will now use the hosted version of VETLINKSQL in the cloud and never have to worry about server upgrades or backups! I guess the final thing to say is that all our staff love using the program, love their helpdesk, and have no complaints to date! "

SuHin - Managing Director, Vets For Life Animal Clinic, Singapore

New Start-up clinic chose VETLINKSQL after reviewing a number of systems
Kasey Tan - Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group, Singapore
Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group"Why VETLINKSQL? It's one of the most progressive software available! The SMS feature is fantastic. We use it to keep in touch with our clients all the time - reminder for vaccinations, follow-up appointments, reminder of appointments 1-2 days prior (consult & surgery), reminder to refill medications, inform clients when their refill is ready for collection and many more. It saves us (and our clients) precious time and we make a tiny step towards preserving the environment (no more reminder letters, envelops and stamps!). Likewise the email feature allow us to send soft copies of price quotes for requested procedures, lab reports, photos, etc to our clients. The various chart templates offered great impact on our clinical records. We can now chart the location of teeth extracted during dental procedures, identify the multiple masses on the body for review later (or for planning surgery), marking the position of corneal ulcers, etc. Follow-up consults can be performed appropriately even when attended by different vet, which is great in a multi-vet practice.

We are especially impressed with their helpdesk service. Prompt advice is always available whenever needed (despite the timezone difference between NZ and Singapore). This is one of the main reasons we are with VETLINKSQL.

VETLINKSQL is a forward-looking program and the team behind it knows veterinary business. We are able to raise staff productivity by doing away with most of the manual (read: boring & repetitive) stuff! We are looking forward to the online appointment feature soon. "

Kasey Tan - Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group, Singapore

Long time user of VETLINKSQL; moved from an older product some time ago
Kaman Wong - Kowloon Cat Hospital, Hong Kong, China
kowloon Cat Hospital"We opened up our feline only clinic in Hong Kong mid 2011 which meant we got to choose our veterinary management system from scratch. Both business partners have worked with various veterinary software in both Australia and Hong Kong including Rxworks and Cornerstone, so both have high expectations for the software for our brand new clinic. After demo session online with Deven with VETLINKSQL and opportunities to remote login to a demo software, we decided to go with VETLINKSQL. We particularly like the diary system which is visually clean and simple with color codes and icons (which you can activate or deactivate) that would give us indication of what type of consults are booked in and simple information like if these clients are new clients or whether they have a particular vet they have booked in to see. All this information can be acquired with just glancing at the diary from afar. Also it’s very easy to drag appointments around and increase /decrease duration of appointments just via using click and drag using the mouse.

Also as a practice based in Hong Kong, we often need Chinese characters incorporated into our histories or drug labels. The team at VETLINKSQL heard about this and quickly helped us with our needs and got us printing with Chinese characters in no time! Much appreciated!

We’ve been very happy with our VETLINKSQL system so far!"

Kaman Wong - Kowloon Cat Hospital, Hong Kong, China

This was a new start-up Practice but had used various other applications previously.
Jason Gray - Gatton Veterinary Surgery, Gatton, QLD, Australia
Hallam Park Animal Hospital"We bought Gatton Veterinary Surgery in August 2011 and started looking for new software. It did not take us long to see how superior and innovative VETLINKSQL was; we immediately bought 5 new computers and had the VETLINKSQL Team transfer the existing data and install the new system. We absolutely love VETLINKSQL, and our team find it extremely easy to use, and we are all loving the new features that are regularly coming through from them. I must say that the VETLINKSQL support is absolutely second to none. Thank you for such great software guys! You are welcome to put this on your website, and I am happy to talk to anyone interested on up to date feedback! "

Jason Gray
Gatton Veterinary Surgery, Gatton, QLD, Australia

This clinic was previously using software from VetCare.
Dr Braden Collins - Bunbury Vet Clinic, Bunbury, WA, Australia
Hallam Park Animal Hospital"We took over the Bunbury Vet Clinic in February 2012 and have been growing rapidly every since. We found that we were getting frustrated with the high cost and inflexible set-up options with our computer program. We also found that the “help” desk was very hard to get any help from. We spent a lot of time researching the available programs, but couldn’t find anything to match the flexibility and functionality of VETLINKSQL. The change-over was almost seamless, and the training days provided were exceptionally useful. Neither of the partners here are very computer literate, but we have found the system very easy to use and customise to our needs. We were concerned that being in WA we would have trouble accessing the help desk due to the time difference, but that hasn’t been the case. Every time we have called for help we have got straight through to someone who has been able to help us straight away. The reports generated by this system make management tasks much easier to undertake, and has certainly helped us learn more about our own business and where we can improve things.

I would certainly recommend this system to any clinic, and if anyone wishes to talk to me about our experience with VETLINKSQLI am very happy to chat..” I am very glad we switched to VETLINKSQL and would highly recommend it to any clinic or hospital."

Dr Braden Collins
Bunbury Vet Clinic, Bunbury, WA, Australia

This clinic was previously using software from RxWorks.
Dr Kirsty Tyler - Station Street Veterinary Clinic, Koo Wee Rup, VIC, Australia
"We moved to VETLINKSQL in early 2012 after an extensive search of other software programs.

Deven, Clive and their team at Computer Fanatics in NZ are a delightful bunch, with no question too difficult and answers readily available via email or the helpline. The software itself, is bright and colourful and easy to navigate. Like anything new it takes a bit to get over your fear of doing something wrong, especially when you have been so used to something else! But we love it – as they promised we would!

As a true mixed practice with five veterinarians it enables us to see where people are in the field and in the clinic, enabling us to keep clients well informed as the day rolls along. I know in the future we will go mobile with it in vehicles too as I know other ambulatory clinics do, which is very exciting! End of day and end of month are a breeze, and I am very excited as to what the future holds with VETLINKSQL – so much so that I have their sister company designing a new integrated website for us too.

I am very glad we switched to VETLINKSQL and would highly recommend it to any clinic or hospital."

Warm regards
Dr Kirsty Tyler BVSc
Principal, Station Street Veterinary Clinic, Koo Wee Rup, VIC, Australia

This clinic was previously using software from Vetware.
Dr Stephen Inglis & Roslyn Davies - Kingston Veterinary Hospital, Mentone, VIC, Australia
"We purchased Kingston Veterinary Hospital in 2010, and the practice was already using VETLINKSQL. It came highly recommended by the previous owner due to very competitive annual fees and excellent support. There was initially a lot of reluctance to remain with the program, having been long time users of RxWorks, but we persevered with learning the program, and are delighted with the results.

VETLINKSQL has exceeded our expectations, particularly with regard to software support. The staff at CFL are highly knowledgeable and accessible. All of our queries are dealt with almost immediately, from the smallest invoicing enquiry to major stocktake procedures. I have never had an issue remain unresolved for more than 24 hours. CFL also run regular free webinars to highlight new features of the program.

The software is constantly improving and updating. There are excellent marketing and client communication applications of which we have barely scratched the surface of. Recently we were delighted with the simplicity of emailing and text messaging clients directly through the program. The diary interface is easy to use and very practical. Overall, Kingston Vets are very satisfied users of VETLINKSQL, and happy to recommend!"

Dr Stephen Inglis and Roslyn Davies
Kingston Veterinary Hospital, Mentone, VIC, Australia

This clinic was previously using software from RxWorks.
Chris - Hallam Park Animal Hospital, Hallam, VIC, Australia
"As a brand new practice that opened in December 2010 we decided to use VetlinkSQL as our practice software. Many of us have used other practice software and are familiar with the normal things that should be there and VetlinkSQL delivers these plus more. Support staff are wonderful, easy to get in touch with and very knowledgeable. It’s amazing I still seem to find new features that I didn’t realise where there and it shows how in depth the program is. Occasionally I have made a suggestion on a feature that I thought would be useful and sure enough the developers added it in the next upgrade. Where else can you can that degree of good service these days? It can be as simple as you need it or with full functionality it will enhance your business by keeping track of everything including the little things you often forget.

So, what do I like? Well, plenty really. The diary screen is simple to use and I personally love the drag and drop features to move the appointment around or extend it length. The ease of shifting appointments to a holding tank while you work out what day suits the client best is brilliant, and then just drag it to the relevant time. One thing I use a lot is the SMS feature. Whether it’s to send a message to the client to let them know their pet is out of surgery and recovering well or to send them an appointment reminder the day before their scheduled appointment. It saves us time and we have very few missed appointments because of human forgetfulness. We scan all our admission forms, microchip registration forms, anaesthetic records, etc. into the patients file and it’s there in a second if we need to review it. I like drawing an eye chart to show where the fluorescein uptake is with an eye ulcer and it’s there to be reviewed next time the animal comes back. Similarly, if you have removed 20 warts and need a body chart to locate all your sutures for removal in a fortnight it’s just so easy. Inventory couldn’t be simpler, we setup minimums and maximums on every product (we have them setup for each month, so that it orders more flea products in spring and summer for example). We use the automatic order every couple of days, it takes a minute to do an order, and the only thing we keep a manual eye on is our in-house consumables and breakages. I’m glad we decided to try VetlinkSQL and would recommend it to other clinics. "

Hallam Park Animal Hospital, Hallam, Victoria, Australia

This was a new start-up Practice but had used various other applications previously.
Jenny Palmer - South Valley Veterinary Clinic, Highton, VIC, Australia
"I am happy to strongly recommend this software to any practice. My staff and I find the “visual” side of the software, especially the diary, very interactive, useful and easy to read and use. There is always a degree of apprehension when changing software and Suppliers but everyone at CFL have been great to deal with. The experience has been consistent from the original sales, installation and training, to the ongoing help with the helpdesk staff. Always, there has been ready access and thorough explanations. The depth of the program is excellent, with comprehensive ongoing upgrades, and we are learning new tricks on a daily basis (CFL send out a couple of tips every month as part of their Newsletter so we can continue to learn more). The value for money of the program is excellent compared with our previous software package. We are very glad we made the change, and as I said, I am happy to strongly recommend this software to any practice."

Jenny Palmer
South Valley Veterinary Clinic, Highton, Victoria, Australia

This clinic was previously using software from RxWorks.
Dr Duncan Runciman - MAFFRA Veterinary Centre, VIC, Australia
Original testimonial on Dec 2010. This is an updated comment on 24th April 2012:

"Hi Deven, I just got off the phone with Kieran on the helpdesk. He is fantastic and a real asset to your team. The help we receive from the VETLINKSQL helpdesk is a large part of what makes VETLINKSQL a great program. (I am happy for you to put this up on your web site so other vets are aware of your company's excellent helpdesk!) Thanks."

Dr Duncan Runciman
MAFFRA Veterinary Centre, Victoria, Australia

This clinic was previously using software from RxWorks ( Ver 4.20 - SQL version).
Rachel Stone - Professional Equine Services, Perth, WA, Australia
"In my more recent experiences of working in multi-vet practices modern electronic record keeping was the norm so anyone else in the clinic could look at a case & know what was happening and to optimise billing efficiency and therefore practice profitability. So although I am a one man (woman, actually) practice with a VERY limited practice base = one thoroughbred stud and approximately 1100 equine dentals per year, I decided I needed to get back into the good habit of writing proper clinical records that I could search easily. Not just in case Murphy’s Law applied and I have a problem with a client – but so I CAN check what medication I gave last time and if I noted that was enough / too much sedation etc.... This may seem obvious to most vets – but not to those of us that work out of a car. My aim is to be able to enter my data on site and email the invoice direct to the client and save not just time but a few trees along the way!

VETLINKSQL is not just an excellent software package for vet practices of any size – it is the service that sets them apart. They even added an equine dental chart I supplied so I can mark and write all over it! Imagine a manual that is written for dummies – oops I mean vets not geeks. In Perth I couldn’t be further from NZ – but even with the time difference and daylight saving their extended service hours gives the vet with erratic hours, time to get help by phone or email – and that’s help that is easy to understand. Once I have got my act together, I am looking forward to discovering all the other features I know are there that I haven’t explored yet. Love dealing with the company at all levels. All hooves up to these guys!"

Rachel Stone
Professional Equine Services, Perth, WA, Australia

This was a new start-up Practice but had used various other applications previously.
Dave Mundy - Success Vet Hospital, Perth, WA, Australia
"We switched over to VetlinkSQL in March 2011. We had previously been using Vetcare. Vetcare was stable and easy to use but lacked the flexibility, support and general usefulness that we thought we should be able to get from our computer software.

The transition across to VetlinkSQL was a very smooth process. One day of training and then 2-3 days for the data conversion and “going live”. Our experience with VetlinkSQL support has also been a positive one. Each of our queries has been answered with no delay. A couple of problems within the program that we identified were referred to the developers and promptly fixed. The program itself is easy to use, intuitive and very flexible. We love the ability to generate macro procedures (each individual item is billed out automatically). History templates, and automatic billing from diary items are also fantastic. We have just started exploring the Reports section of VetlinkSQL and don’t quite know what to do with all the information yet! It is great however to see that it is very comprehensive and even works out productivity and efficiency figures!

Overall we have been very pleased with our decision to convert to VetlinkSQL and are happy to recommend it without hesitation."

Dave Mundy
Success Vet Hospital, Perth, WA, Australia

This clinic was previously using software from Vetcare.
Michael Tweedie - Tweedie & Associates Equine Veterinary Services, Somerville, VIC, Australia
"We have been using VETLINKSQL for nearly 4 years now. We have been very happy with the software, with it allowing us to manage many different aspects of our business, from stock levels to invoices and handling syndicate bills. VETLINKSQL also has some very nice features for client management with different account levels being set up easily. We have found their Helpdesk team very responsive to requests for help. The costing of the software has allowed us to grow our business with minimal increases in cost. "

Michael Tweedie
Tweedie & Associates Equine Veterinary Services, Somerville, VIC, Australia

This was a new clinic that had already put deposit on another package until they saw VetlinkSQL.
Jeff Titmarsh - Raymond Terrace Veterinary Hospital, NSW, Australia
"I chose to move to VETLINKSQL last November. I saw it as a modern programme, written in a modern programming language, with the programmer writing the programme still associated with the company (with a bigger team), and fine-tuning issues with the software as they arise. I have not been disappointed with my move to VETLINKSQL, although the learning curve has been steep. I was still using cards for histories until very recently even though I had software. My card record system died under its own weight, and in VETLINKSQL I have found a veterinary software which I can use and perform well in, doing those functions I do and cannot delegate to “the girls” – who use the system far better than I do..... I do a lot of writing of histories from home, early mornings, and find that flexibility, immensely valuable (VETLINKSQL is free to use from anywhere as long as you do not exceed the total number of users concurrently using the software for each licensed clinic). We have learned to append pathology results, and radiographs into the patient database, and I am starting to use the reporting functions, which are far more extensive than I will ever learn to use.

It has helped that VETLINKSQL is a logical programme, which is at least straightforward to learn. Each such programme has its own ethos, and guiding philosophy, and while we have spent a fair bit of time learning what not to do, and what it will not let you do, our nearly 12 month experience of VETLINKSQL is extremely positive. During this time, many calls to the VETLINKSQL support desk have been made, both by Janelle, and by Liz, my Practice Manager. Our experience is that problems are sorted out very quickly, with expertise, and, frankly, keen interest in resolving them. There have been a couple of matters referred to the programmer, and solutions devised. Matters are fixed, not avoided. My view of my computing arrangements runs this way. We are happy with VETLINKSQL as a programme and as a provider. The service desk has worked really well in providing support. "

Jeff Titmarsh BVSc
Practice Owner
Raymond Terrace Veterinary Hospital, NSW, Australia

This clinic was previously using software from RxWorks.
Donna Burton - Mount Hutton Pet Hospital, Mount Hutton, NSW, Australia
"Ray and I have been involved with VETLINKSQL since April 2011. We have found the software to be very 'user friendly' and can achieve a lot more work efficiently and financially than our old software, RxWorks. We have always struggled with computers as we are not computer literate. The service CFL (VETLINKSQL) has shown us has always been very professional and they are quick to fix our issues and correct our mistakes by logging in (in the beginning they were a lot, but not so many now).

To complement VETLINKSQL we have the services of Janelle Beavan, who provides us with in-house training on this software. CFL have now trained Janelle further (at their cost) once they found that she was keen to assist clinics in the area. We find this a great investment for our business as Janelle has helped us with the setting up of procedures/accounts/SMS/ financials/hotel module which VETLINKSQL offers. Janelle’s skills are a great asset for our business as the jobs DO get done by her and /or she shows me how to do them. We have learnt a lot with both Janelle and the VETLINKSQL support team.

The change-over was a smooth ride and not as stressful as we were imaging. CFL have shown to us that they do care about our business and they do listen to the request for improvements that will help run our business better financially and more efficiently. We would recommend VETLINKSQL to any practice that is considering changing software. Well done guys; we look forward to having many years of continued partnership and support."

To Deven [03 Sept 2011]
"Your program is very good, and we are learning more and more. We are glad we changed even though it was a big decision for Ray and I as we are not into computers. It is hard to step outside of the box..."

Donna Burton
Practice Manager
Mount Hutton Pet Hospital, Mount Hutton, NSW, Australia

This clinic was previously using software from RxWorks.
Michael Powell - Anvet Beenleigh Pet Hospital, Beenleigh, QLD, Australia
"We reviewed 4 veterinary software programmes when making the switch 5 years ago (including RxWorks). For us VETLINKSQL stood out because of the following:
  1. Innovative marketing functions including SMS reminders, integrated website, newsletters etc.
  2. The SQL database permitted simultaneous editing of patient histories and bills and allowed end of day cash-up and backups while all users were still using the system.
  3. The open source SQL database (without a size limit) meant that there were no licensing costs from the likes of Microsoft in the future and we could run it on a much smaller server (our own hardware).
  4. The price presented excellent value for money.
  5. Support was prompt and easily accessible with a genuine concern for our business.
We have been very happy with our decision. The system is robust enough to cope with the high demands of our busy hospital with around 12 workstations. We should be considering switching to the multi-core processor version but have not needed to as each version seems to be better “tuned”. Our support remains easily accessible and prompt despite the company being based in New Zealand. The company is innovative and responds to development requests from the consumers as evident by the improvements and new features released with each version. I am sure we are only scratching the surface of the in-built features of VETLINKSQL and the add-on facilities available. I think if a practice were to utilise all of them it would definitely assist in the generation of revenue and the improving of efficiency. Their on-line training resource is excellent and we have found the VETLINKSQL conferences very useful to attend.

All “Thumbs Up” from us if you are considering moving to VETLINKSQL!!"

Dr Michael Powell, BVSc (Hons)
Practice Owner, Anvet Beenleigh Pet Hospital (www.anvetbeenleigh.com.au) - Website by www.p2plimited.com

This clinic was previously on Vetcare software.
Paul Clavin - Clavin and Rogers & Associates, Cohuna, VIC, Australia
"We ran with VETLINKSQL after considerable research and comparisons between other veterinary software programmes. We wanted a simple, cost effective user friendly system and we wanted to be in control of our server. While we wanted something simple to use, we also wanted to make sure that it had “depth” so we could grow into it longer term. We made the move in October 2010 and have been more than happy. The tech support team are accessible, fast, and effective. The programme itself has a host of features which I must admit we haven’t got around to using yet. VETLINKSQL makes accounting and documenting medical records a breeze. The ability to configure your own diary reasons, items, services and just about anything else makes it the perfect workplace companion. You literally get out of it whatever you want or need. It really depends on how much effort you put into setting it up. Our remote desktop connection from home (no extra charges for this) has reduced my time at the office considerably. The initial migration of data from QuickBooks and the in-house training provided by CFL deployment staff was just spot on. We find the diary based accounting system has improved data entry and practice profitability considerably. Most Impressed!"

Paul Clavin
Clavin and Rogers & Associates, Cohuna, VIC, Australia

This Mixed animal practice was previously on Quickbooks Accounting Software.
Louise Cosgrove - Exclusively Equine, QLD, Australia
"I have been using VETLINKSQL now for approximately 4 months (Dec 2010) and am more than happy with the program. It is very user friendly and easy to operate and caters for all my requirements for an equine practice. If I do have any issues with the program there is always someone at the end of the phone to help. The support offered leaves most of the other “Veterinary” software companies for dead. I use the program in the field and am very happy with its’ capabilities. Oh, and another thing - when we wanted to expand and access the program remotely, we thought that we had to purchase a big server to access it. Deven overheard our plight and suggested an innovative product that made our normal PC with Windows 7 into a full server allowing up to 5 concurrent TS access licenses for a mere $200.00, savings us thousands! VETLINKSQL seems to be quite “hardware and network agnostic” and works well without any strict special hardware requirement regime. The staff at CFL really try and work with our hardware people and us to make sure we have a great solution. Nothing is too much trouble for these guys!"

Louise Cosgrove
Exclusively Equine, QLD, Australia

This was a new start-up clinic, but the owner had used RxWorks at her last employment.
Dr Duncan Runciman - MAFFRA Veterinary Centre, VIC, Australia
"We have recently moved to VETLINKSQL after comprehensive research followed by demonstrations of the product. We absolutely like this product, especially the diary system. It allows us to us to schedule 12 vets doing small and large animal calls, and a technician, all on one diary, and all visible on one screen. It has an advanced Roster Management System that can cater for all sorts of timetables with easy manual overrides. Calls can easily be moved from vet to vet, and multiple vets doing the same call have linked appointments. The billing process is then very easy. By clicking on an appointment, the billing screen is opened to the right patient on the right day. The colour coding allows us to easily track what calls are waiting, those that are done and what stage of billing each call is at. We even link calls between different diaries so we can view a day’s large animal work in a list view or in the graphical diary view. Staff that are away or doing surgery can be locked from different diaries so they are never double-booked. Our branch practice appointments are easily accessed “live” from the same diary screen; appointments can be made for staff at either clinic from a single location.

Some of our vets on the road also use 3G network cards on their laptops and connect directly to our server - and there are no extra fees for this as long as we don’t exceed the total number of licensed users – this also means after-hours login from home is free as well. Billing can be done at the time of consultation; appointments can be checked and made. We have full functionality via remote connection including making appointments, adding patients and clients and changing stock prices. No synchronisation needs to be performed back at the clinic, leading to huge efficiency within our practice.

SMS messaging between the clinic and remote vets allows for appointment and messages to be sent to vets during the day. Vets are able to respond via SMS if required. The ability to have multiple “stores” within each Branch means that stock can be monitored for each vet car. Stock transfer between the main clinic, branch clinics and cars is so easy. Each job is then booked out from the respective store meaning that stock control can be kept tight for each mobile vet.

We have now discovered that such advanced appointment systems can be implemented easily and soon become the most actively used part of the entire practice management system, as most tasks can be recorded here, and then processes “spawned” to complete and document them efficiently.

We were very happy with the whole data migration and guidance process and the training was excellent. The helpdesk is readily available and very helpful. We would have no hesitation in recommending VETLINKSQL to any sized practice throughout Australia. We have found it to be very powerful and it caters to all of our Mixed Animal Practice needs easily! "

Dr Duncan Runciman
MAFFRA Veterinary Centre, Victoria, Australia

This clinic was previously using software from RxWorks ( Ver 4.20 - SQL version).
Andrew Gooley - Kyabram Veterinary Clinic, VIC, Australia
"After considerable research, several demos, and lots of questions back to CFL, we decided to convert to VETLINKSQL. We’ve been extremely pleased with the decision to partner with CFL (VETLINKSQL) and P2P (WEB Site Concept) with regard to upgrading our practice software. Throughout the whole process we’ve found CFL to be very professional and easy to get along with. We were initially impressed with the new generation look and feel of the software and are appreciating the efficiency and stability of the new software environment. The transition was extremely smooth with the data coming across with a minimal of fuss. The CFL team did a masterful job! Since going live we have appreciated the assistance from all the staff at CFL who have patiently guided us on the new journey. We’ve received excellent support from the help desk who have always provided on the spot solutions and advice to our many queries. As we’ve become more accustomed with the functionality of VETLINKSQL, the staff are enjoying its versatility and embracing the new technology. We are now looking for new ways to improve our systems. We can certainly see the benefits of VETLINKSQL over the short term and look forward making the software work harder for us into the future."

Andrew Gooley
Kyabram Veterinary Clinic, VIC, Australia

This clinic was previously using software from RxWorks.
Keith Fletcher - Rochester Veterinary Practice, VIC, Australia
"We changed over to VETLINKSQL in January 2010 and have no regrets to date. The transition from RxWorks was not without some stumbling blocks but overall the experience was relatively painless. It probably took about a month for all the staff to become comfortable with the different ways of navigating through the programme but all are quite competent now. We are certainly very happy with the level of support given through the transition and since installation. Also the email newsletters are very succinct and useful. The techs who did the installation and reworking of the network found it very easy to deal with VETLINKSQL Staff, which made the whole process much smoother. We are still only scratching the surface of some of the functions but we are finding that the programme works well for both small animals and large animals (mainly dairy) alike."

Keith Fletcher
Rochester Veterinary Practice

This clinic was previously using software from RxWorks.
Christine Kidd - Manly Road Veterinary Hospital, QLD, Australia
"VETLINKSQL was implemented into our practice in December 2007 after we reviewed several systems to replace our original system which had served us well until then, but required an upgrade. Throughout the implementation of VETLINKSQL, and in the years to follow, the training and updates have been thorough, timely and comprehensive. Manly Road Veterinary Hospital is a very large practice (50+ staff members) that operates 24/7, and required it’s software to work well consistently. In our experience, the ongoing support of key technicians employed by VETLINKSQL has been prompt and consistently of high standards that exceed other software companies. The updates provided remotely are rarely invasive to our daily operations. We would recommend VETLINKSQL for their support and timely system corrections and updates."

Christine Kidd
Manly Road Veterinary Hospital

This clinic was previously using NetVet software.
Brad McPartland - Terrigal Veterinary Hospital, NSW, Australia
Original testimonial - 18 August 2010:
"We have had the VETLINKSQL program installed for three months (since May 2010) now and find the program an important asset to our practice. After much discussion with other vets regarding software management systems and after discussion with a number of software providers we decided to purchase the VETLINKSQL program. Factors that helped us decide were the favorable pricing, helpful sales and support staff and the program's modern features. The swap over of the data files from our existing old dos program went seamlessly. VETLINKSQL staff are readily available for support and issues have been dealt with very quickly. Features of the program that we love include the appointment diary, sms reminder capability, email marketing ability, ability to add pet photos, ability to attach all X rays (after taking a digital image of a standard Xray) , US images and case pictures to the animal's records. All hard copy reports and anaesthetic and consent forms can easily be scanned in to be in the animal's history thus reducing the need for hard copy storage. Printing up pathology ID labels for specimens and request forms is handy. The staff "notes" feature in the diary means no more post it notes attached to staff corkboards. There has already been an VETLINKSQL version upgrade since our purchase and this has addressed some minor annoyances we had with the initial version. It appears they are constantly looking to improve the software in response to Vet feedback. A recent locum I had employed has done locums world wide and commented that it is the best Veterinary software she has used and is indeed making some enquiries regarding purchasing VETLINKSQL for her new practice."

Updated via Email on 4 August 2011 (after exactly one year):
"Hi Deven, this is a quick note to express out thanks with the VETLINKSQL program. We are really happy with the program and how the system operates. "

Kind regards
Brad McPartland
Terrigal Veterinary Hospital

This clinic was previously using software from RxWorks.
Malcolm Webb - Albany Vet Hospital, Albany, WA, Australia
"Morning Deven... I just wanted to touch base and report on our progress.

Following our training session the plan was for us to work with our products and services and get them organised for secondary data conversion and "go live". Unfortunately we didn't get any of that preparation done but I am pleased to report that despite that, the secondary conversion, network tweaking and "go live" went very well and our first few days went far better than expected. We chose to make amendments to our products and services "on the fly" and I am pleased to report that VetlinkSQL handled this approach very well, and in a very “forgiving” manner, obviously due to its excellent database architecture. There are always going to be challenges with such an enormous change but it went very easily. Clive did a fantastic job of ensuring data converted well and also of making sure we knew how to make changes etc in the new system without overloading us with too much detail. I had anticipated that a software change of this type would cost the practice in terms of productivity and turnover but I would think that in reality there has been no real turnover cost with this change.

Since that time we have been busy setting up pick lists, client Certificates, Handouts etc and making everything work as previously. I am pleased to say that within 2 weeks of going live we were in the process of looking at all the new opportunities the program has given us. The flexibility associated with attaching various printers, emailing correspondence, two-way SMS messaging, Document Management (with the free in-built word-processor), and the advanced graphical Appointment diary is all very exciting.

Access to the helpdesk is simple and all calls for help have been answered in a very timely and uncomplicated manner. Your helpdesk staff members are always approachable and communicate easily about any of the issues we have had. The support and service from your team has been outstanding; many thanks to all your excellent staff."

Malcolm Webb
Director/owner Albany Veterinary Hospital, WA, Australia

This clinic was previously using software from RxWorks.
Dr Andrew Padula - Bairnsdale Animal Hospital, VIC, Australia
Original testimonial - 18 August 2010: "We have been using VetLink since Sep 08 find it essential for efficient running of our practice. It is very user friendly, which really helps with training staff in its use. I have used many different packages in the past but VetLink is working well for us. It is packed with features. Support is good, the 1800 number direct to New Zealand means we do not hesitate to ask questions. The users conference in NZ in 2008 was a great help to understanding all the features of the package. Version 4.10 contains some great new features. One of the things I really like about it is how stable it is. We run it off a HP Proliant server and it just does not crash, unlike some other packages I have used. The diary works really well and we log everything into it. We also scan and upload our lab reports using the document manager for each animal. Generating reports is easy, as we have categorized all our products (retail, medications and services etc) into about a dozen groups so we can quickly produce some useful reports. These reports include financial, stock levels, and product sales by month across the different categories. I would recommend VetLink as an all round package that can do pretty much anything any other package can do."

Dr Andrew Padula
Bairnsdale Animal Hospital, VIC, Australia

This is a brand new clinic where the owner had used various systems available throughout Australia.
David Hang - Melton Veterinary Clinic, VIC, Australia
"We have just started using VetlinkSQL and have found the transition from our old software relatively smooth and easy to pick up. VetlinkSQL provides us with the complete package of total patient/client management, full inventory control of stock through to an integrated accounting facility all at your finger tips. Our clients love the possibility of being able to upload digital images of their pet and themselves onto their records! VetlinkSQL has some useful features that have been a great asset to the clinic such as being able to send clients text messages to confirm appointments, remind them of due vaccinations and revisits or just to update them about their pets' status if they are left in our care. This idea is ingenious and cost effective. VetlinkSQL's Multi Document Interface technology is most convenient and fantastic as we can have unlimited things open at once, making life very easy. We are very impressed with the dedicated and efficient technical support team of VetlinkSQL who have given us an extra piece of mind when operating it. In summary VetlinkSQL has functionality, reliability, efficiency and simplicity all combined together in one great software package."

David Hang
Melton Veterinary Clinic, VIC, Australia

This clinic was previously using RxWorks.
Megan Ross - Maclean Veterinary Clinic, NSW, Australia
"In upgrading our computer system I evaluated a number of systems but vetlink seemed to provide the most comprehensive practice management tools at a reasonable price. I am very happy with the level of support provided by Vetlink. The whole Vetlink team were willing to help us fast-track our training to get the system up and running for the new financial year. The 1800- number is very useful, and almost every time we ring we get an answer to our question straight away. If the support staff don’t know, they go and find out and ring us back. The transition to vetlink was surprisingly smooth and the clinic staff were able to get up and running on the system very quickly. The system is very stable, especially when compared with some of the other leading operating systems, and I would recommend it to other clinics."

Megan Ross
Maclean Veterinary Clinic, NSW, Australia

This clinic was previously using NetVet.
Lisa Roberts - Windaroo Veterinary Surgery, QLD, Australia
"I was a locum for many years and have used most of the veterinary software systems available. When I started my own brand new Surgery I had spoken to a lot of vets about the support they had received with their systems. I saw some very innovative and unique features in VETLINKSQL that I had not seen before. I wanted to get it right from the start and put in place the many features that could reduce workload for the staff and there was so much scope for the business to grow. I was convinced! The two way SMS TXT messaging is really cool, and my daughter who has a Marketing degree was impressed with the advanced marketing capability. Our website is well underway and our clients shall be able to interact and view their details online. This has provided us with further marketing options. Our surgery has been open only a few weeks and we are excited with what VETLINKSQL can do for our business. We have all found it to be user friendly and simple to operate and the staff in NZ have been very helpful and accessible to guide us through the early stages. We are now well underway. The capabilities of the VETLINKSQL system are enormous and the power and speed are amazing. We are continually adding to our skills and I would recommend it to any growing Veterinary practice."

Lisa Roberts
Windaroo Veterinary Surgery, QLD, Australia

This is a brand new clinic where the owner had used various systems available throughout Australia.
Melisa Ball & David Plumb - Burwood Road Veterinary Clinic, NSW, Australia
"Our whole experience has been very pleasant throughout. We had a very smooth data conversion from an older program and the training was excellent. The trainer was pleasant, professional and took his time to explain various aspects of the program. CFL are a great company and the support is fantastic - not that we have to call them very often for support, which brings me to my next point. The software is very modern and incredibly reliable; ROBUST is the word that I would use. All in all, fantastic deployment, excellent training and great service - what else is there! Well, now they have a web strategy that sounds very innovative and interesting - I will be looking into that very soon to see what they can offer to grow our business. A very progressive company indeed! I would have no hesitation in recommending them for your practice."

Melisa Ball & David Plumb
Burwood Road Veterinary Clinic, NSW, Australia

This clinic was previously on an older DOS program.
Tina Clifton - Gunnedah Veterinary Hospital, Gunnedah, NSW, Australia
"Prior to VetLinkSQL we had used a fairly simple computerised veterinary management system for some 8 years or so before we outgrew it & decided to upgrade. We were given some poor information & bought another program that was, in essence, unsatisfactory for our needs. As a result of that experience we were fairly cynical when we heard about VetLinkSQL but after much debate & deliberation we took the plunge & have so far not been disappointed. VetLinkSQL was very simple to learn to use, even for staff who have limited computer experience. The training at installation was great & help is always easy to get. In fact, compared to our previous 2 programs, we have had very little need to contact the help desk at all. The screens are so easy to read, a point that we feel is VetLinkSQL's biggest plus - each screen looks different & doesn't have that 'busy' look that some programs have, making it hard to find what you are looking for. The diary is another great feature - everything happens from the diary page. All daily functions can be accessed from the main diary page and all client information can be accessed when an appointment is being made. Overall we are extremely satisfied with our purchase of VetLinkSQL."

Tina Clifton
Gunnedah Veterinary Hospital, Gunnedah, NSW, Australia

This clinic was previously using QuickVet, and prior to that, they were on VetCare.
Ian Holmes - Bucklands Beach Veterinary Hospital, New Zealand
"We have been with Computer Fanatics from the beginning of VL1 and have now been on VL2 for some time. The transition was not difficult and now that we have had the program for a while it really is awesome. The service we have recieved when required has been excellent."

Ian Holmes
Bucklands Beach Veterinary Hospital, New Zealand

This clinic was previously on an older DOS program.
Michael Jones - Erina Heights Veterinary Hospital, NSW, Australia
"I adopted VETLINK all the way back in 1992, in that huge transition time in Australia to computers. It served our needs extremely well as a DOS based system with four terminals until we converted to VETLINKSQL in April 2006. I started with a clean slate and researched competing systems in Australia, and spoke to many fellow small animal practitioners about their experiences with their own systems before adopting VETLINKSQL. It came out ahead on all fronts including initial setup costs and ongoing support fees, system reliability, the completeness of the system in covering every aspect imaginable in Small Animal practice, and most importantly, the front desk support required at the time that you need it! Apart from the “industrial” strength SQL database, I particularly liked its advanced ability to work in unlimited multiple windows (MDI technology), and its integrated document management system. I also liked the fact that they have designed the system so that there are no further fees to be paid for advanced word processing (you don’t need Microsoft Office) or for the SQL database licenses. In addition to the software, I was guided through and advised on the best and most cost-effective hardware and network solution to choose. This came out much cheaper than what was originally being proposed by my local hardware supplier as they pointed out an “HP Special” being run in Australia at the time. This advice alone saved me a significant amount of money. I am very satisfied with the program and continue to be pleasantly surprised by new features being released all the time. I would have no hesitation in recommending VETLINKSQL to any practice in Australia."

Michael Jones
Erina Heights Veterinary Hospital, NSW, Australia

This clinic was previously on an older DOS program.
David Lovell - Redlands Veterinary Clinic, QLD, Australia
"We had an older DOS product for many years which worked well for us. Then, we had a smart young couple (vets) who came into the practice and convinced us that we should upgrade to a modern Windows program. They were sold on RxWorks as they had used it before, and saw no real benefit in seeing too many other products. I was able to convince them to look at VETLINKSQL as I had heard very good things about it. I still remember the demonstration where they continued to be impressed at every feature that they were shown and could not fault the forward thinking that had been put into the product. We were immediately convinced that this was the best product on the market by far. The TXT messaging system for automated appointment confirmations and reminders is just so cost-effective and efficient that I am surprised that no one else has introduced it! We have now installed the product and are using it very successfully. We are very impressed with the online helpdesk dial-in ability - this is the equivalent of them being inside our clinic within minutes. Distance is of no issue at all! Our young and tech savvy vets have now left to own their own business. Not surprisingly, they have recently replaced their reasonably new windows based system with VETLINKSQL. I would have no hesitation in recommending VETLINKSQL to any practice that wants a modern VPM. They look after us very well, and I am sure that they will do the same for you."

David Lovell
Redlands Veterinary Clinic, QLD, Australia

This clinic was previously on an older DOS program.
Eastwood House Vet Surgery - Toowoomba, QLD, Australia
"Our practice has been using Vetlink since 1994 – the DOS version until January 2006, when we upgraded to the windows version. The system was originally chosen for the ability to “Batch” invoices for correction and later posting to the relevant accounts. We have found several extra handy attributes in the newer version, including the ability to reverse bills and hide the reversal so it doesn't appear on the statement. This is in addition to its general robustness, ease of use, and ability to incorporate more advanced features by adding the relevant modules – eg email, SMS, eOrdering, automated ordering. We have also been really impressed with the service from the help desk staff, and the responsiveness of the programmers to requests for new feature, and fixes for those annoying little glitches that invariably crop up in bedding down any new system. Our verdict: an emphatic thumbs up!"

Eastwood House Vet Surgery
Toowoomba, QLD, Australia

This clinic was previously on an older DOS program.
Steve Harvey, Director - Tararua Vet Services Ltd, New Zealand
"Its worth buying just for diary system alone! We use it extensively to run our entire 9 Vet practice, and love it ! its certainly a heavy duty application in every respect. It is now an essential part of our Practice Management."

Steve Harvey
Director - Tararua Vet Services Ltd, New Zealand

This clinic was previously on an older DOS program.
Robyn - Central Vet Hospital Ltd, Wellington, New Zealand
"...I thought I would let you know that since the last upgrade we have been impressed with the various improvements we have noticed. I have just completed the vaccine reminders for next month. As we are particularly careful about every reminder we send out and they are all checked individually by either Mike, Kerry or myself, I have found the new table setup so much easier to work with and it saved me a lot of time. So in summary, we are very pleased with the new advances to the programme. PS Also to say I am very impressed with Jotin - he is very efficient and helpful."

Central Vet Hospital Ltd, Wellington, New Zealand

This clinic was previously on an older DOS program.
"We have been enjoying our new Vetlink software - only one major hiccup when the server shut down unexpectedly and wouldn't come back online. Goran saved the day and everyone is happy. The software is fantastic - there are a few questions we have for next time you are around this end of the world but basically we are quite happy. I've spoken to the help desk a few times & everyone is very helpful."