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Go paperless with VETLINKSQL’s Electronic Forms (e-Forms) app. This brand new addition to VETLINKSQL allows you to use a tablet in place of your current printed client forms!

VETLINKSQL e-Forms are all about functionality and seamless integration. Designed using the latest tools and with Veterinary professionals in mind, the VETLINKSQL e-Forms App will be a valuable addition to your practice. Compatible with Apple’s iOS software as well as Android devices.

How It Works

You are able to create an unlimited number of printable as well as electronic forms within VETLINKSQL.

As part of the workflow process an electronic consent form is “pushed” from the workstation to the clinic tablet and the client is presented with their details to review and update.

Once the consent forms are signed and “accepted”, the tablet is handed back to a staff member who then checks the client has filled in everything required, after which it is submitted to VETLINKSQL.

Each form’s naming convention eventually decides where it gets filed. E.g. Client Document Manager, Animal Document Manager or Clinical notes.


Automated new client entry

Clients enter their details on the tablet provided and once confirmed by a staff member a client is automatically created in your VETLINKSQL Database. With VETLINKSQL’s new Google address auto-fill feature linked to a cloud database there is minimal entry for the client and less room for errors.

Integrated Google Address autofill

Allowing minimal entry for clients while ensuring correct postal and delivery and address details including the correct postcodes. Travel distances are also saved to the client file and are able to be automatically calculated for billing/travel purposes if required.

Electronic Consent forms, Credit Application forms, etc.

“Push” these forms directly to your clinic tablet allowing clients to check/update their details and sign consent forms electronically and file them automatically in the client’s document manager for future reference. Saving you time and eliminating excess paper waste in your practice.

Confirm Client Details
Make sure your client details are correct and up to date every time! Let your clients confirm and update their contact details on the clinic tablet while they’re waiting for their appointment saving staff time and cutting down on any double handling errors.

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