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Our team can now deliver an integrated native Mobile App for your business to revolutionise how you connect with your clients, and how clients interact with you. Integrated to VETLINKSQL data! Available on Andriod (Google Play) as well as iOS (Apple App Store).

Let’s face it. While websites are just as necessary as your signage, and they can be responsive to fit on your mobile device screen, they can generally only be accessed when you have an internet connection. The Mobile phone is a “communication” device, and if you want communication with your clients, then the best way forward is to have a native and fully integrated App with smart Notification options!

A NATIVE App is an App that runs on the actual device for the most part and has a comprehensive embedded SQL database. It therefore does not always require a data / internet connection to function. The alternative is an App that is simply a responsive web page for the most part, and can be described more or less as a custom designed web page that simply accesses a cloud database as required; there are many limitations to this design.

Data integrated, in the case of VETLINKSQL, means that a relevant sub-set of client and patent data is “sync’d” onto each clients’ mobile phone automatically. In other words, each client that loads your App will have up to date information on their pets, and more. Some such details follow, with more to be added over time.

A notification is a pop-up (with a sound if you want) that notifies the user of an event. An example would be an Appointment Reminder from your calendar, or a Reply to a thread on your Facebook account. In this App, we have two types of notifications; In-App Notification, and Clinic Notification. In App notifications will fire up from the embedded data on the mobile device; Clinic Notification will provide the ability to broadcast notifications to all App users from a Cloud Portal. More details follow.

Whether you are running VETLINKSQL from local servers or from the cloud, your live data is never compromised. Clients can never access live data. Instead, a subset of data is sync’d to a special cloud database which is then accessed via a secure web service connection. Any data changes requested by a user are sent back for review, before you decide to accept and update your main system.

  • Customised Splash / Loading Screen

    Each time this App is accessed by your clients, a customised splash screen will come up with your branding, catch phrase and any other information you wish to present. This screen also allows your client to phone the clinic immediately by using the phone icon, making it a fast and efficient way to contact you. Finally they can use the arrow icon to enter the App and take advantage of the numerous functions and features that this App provides, and will continue to provide with future automatic upgrades.

  • Initial Fire-Up Customisation by the Client

    Once a client downloads your clinic App from Google Play (Android) or the Apple Store (iOS devices) and starts the app, they are presented with a blank screen with a camera icon, asking them to take a photo of their Pet(s). This photo then becomes their current background, which can later be updated as often as required. This then forms the start-up and Login screen for the user. Contact details are available without having to login so that fast and easy access to the clinic is possible.

  • Logging In and Contact Access

    A user can log in using their email ID on file within VETLINKSQL, and their password. If they do not know their password, the “Request Password” option will send their password to their email address. They can save their credentials so that frequent use does not require re-entering of their details.

    The “Contact Us” option will bring up all clinic details with integration to mobile device features. For example, selecting the phone number will automatically dial the number using the mobile phone, selecting the website details will fire up the browser, selecting the email will fire up the email client, and selecting the address will automatically bring up Google Maps, work out your current location from the mobile device’s GPS function and map out how to get there quickly!

  • Menu Page

    Once Logged in, the main menu is visible. The menu system is customisable by the user to be either a tile layout, or a list view layout. The clinic will also be able to define what functions they do want on their App and which they do not; we will then build the App to your specification. As with most modern Apps, a drop-down menu allows full access to all menu items from any page – this means that unlike older Apps, the user does not have to always use the “Back” button to access the main menu or other functions.

  • Profile and My Pets

    The Profile option has all the client’s personal details. The “Edit” option on the top right allows the user to enter edit mode and update their details. Once saved, it is sent to the clinic for verification, before the main “live” clinic database is updated by the clinic. You can relax – the client does not have direct access to your VETLINKSQL database; this information is provided via a cloud portal which is independent of the live database.

    The My Pets option will list all Pets, and of course all Large Animal Herds, as well as Horses for equine practices. Once a patient is selected, various drill down options are available with the ability for in-depth analysis, some of which are covered below

  • Events*

    Events are created by the clinic on a special cloud portal login which is provided as part of this App subscription. Once posted online, the Mobile App will automatically sync details and show it for the end user. Examples of events would include Puppy Pre-School, Product Demonstrations, Open Days, and so on. The portal caters for a Photo as well as Event Details with Date, Time, Topic, Short Description, and a Registration button. An email is sent to the clinic for each client that registers for a particular event.

  • Transactions* and Statements*

    All Client Related financial transactions are available to the client for past purchases. Searches can be done by date range which will show invoices. Invoices can then be drilled down to provide more item details. The Statement option allows the user to access all historical and current monthly statements in PDF format, just as they can from their Banking Apps! The statement function is only available to users who have subscribed to the Online Statement Feature

  • Tips*

    What would an App be without quick Tips to assist Pet Owners, or even Farmers! Important Tips are available here for different species. The tips are divided into 2 groups – Standard and Advanced. Standard tips are supplied with the Mobile App and will be common to all clinics. The Advanced area will pull down the clinic’s own tips from their Cloud Portal, thereby adding a degree of customisation for each clinic as they build their own IP (Intellectual Property) on the App over time.

  • Lost Pets*

    This area allows clinic clients to post Lost Pet information as well as post any Found Pets. Photos can be taken on the mobile device itself and uploaded immediately with contact details. Clients can then contact each other, thereby reducing any administration for the clinic. An expiry date also means that the Cloud Portal will stay relatively up to date.

  • Dog Parks*

    This is an advanced feature integrated to Google Maps. A central/global list of parks throughout the world can be maintained by us as well as individual clinics through a central portal we have designed. Clients are then able to look up a park in one of 2 ways. They can select to find a park near their home location, or from their current position. The former choice will simply find the best route from the client’s home address on the App and the latter will use the device’s GPS function and then locate the nearest parks. Google Map integration means that one can get directions by car, bus, train, or by assisting with the best walking path to the park. This database will grow over time as participating clinics add parks nearest to their location. We will also add to this list over time.

  • Prescription Info*

    Large Animal Prescriptions can be viewed here by Farmers, noting that this information will only be as up to date as the last sync date. We aim to provide this date for transparency.

    Prescription requests (Small and Large Animal) can also be made to the clinic via the App. All relevant data is automatically embedded in the email sent to the clinic!

  • Device and Clinic Notification

    This App supports Device notification. This means that regardless of an internet or data connection, the local data will automatically trigger a pop-up. Examples are Vaccination Reminders and all other Reminders recorded in VETLINKSQL against a patient. It will also do the same for all upcoming Appointments and Events.

    As part of this App, the clinic will be supplied with a smart Cloud Portal where they will be able to enter and “broadcast” notification messages. Example: Your clinic has seen 3 cases of, say Kennel Cough, or Parvo. Simply broadcast a message with tips to keep safe, and for clients to check that they are up to date. Your clinic has just upped its commitment to high standards of care for its client/patient base, and in the process, created a full diary for Vaccinations! Disease outbreak notification alone will be only one of many reasons that every client will download your App!

  • Appointments & Reminders

    All future appointments are able to be seen on the App easily. If the clinic has subscribed to the Online Booking option, users are also able to book their appointments online.

    Reminders for all animals can also be seen here with coloured icons to indicate Due, Overdue, and Completed. The user is also able to sort the list on-screen.

  • Adverts

    You will no doubt have seen a number of adverts on each screen. Advertising rights belong to P2P Limited who will negotiate with interested parties once we have reasonable users. P2P Limited have come up with an excellent strategy and an automation engine for the adverts on our cloud portal, all based around sensing a client’s pet ownership to the current season. Your clinic will be in full control of the adverts that appear on your clinic’s mobile App pages, selectable from a list that P2P Limited have negotiated. We would like to work with your clinic and your industry partners to maximise the potential for your business! More information regarding this is available upon request.

  • Online Blog*

    Any Blog that supports responsive design principles (most modern ones do) can be connected to the Blog icon so that users can access it directly from the App. If you have a website developed by our sister company P2P Limited, you can have a Blog module installed that is fully responsive to a mobile device. The example shown is a P2P Limited Blog module.

  • Settings

    The App user is able to access the Settings option and turn various functions on and off. For example, a user may want internal data notifications to pop as Reminders come up but may not wish to receive live notifications broadcast from the clinic. The user may also change the menu system look and feel, set the number of days before it tells them about an upcoming reminder, and so on.

  • Q & A
    • Question: Can I have a website with one company and a Blog with another, yet make it available on the App.

      Answer: Yes, absolutely!

    • Question: I already have a website – can P2P Limited just do a Blog site for me and link it to my App with the same “look n feel” as my website?

      Answer: Yes, absolutely!

    • Question: Can P2P Limited provide the whole solution with a full integrated website with a Client Portal, Online Booking, Blog, and the Mobile App?

      Answer: Yes, absolutely!

    • Question: I am interested in some but not all the options. Can I pick and choose and get different modules over time?

      Answer: Yes, absolutely!

    • Question: When will it be available?

      Answer: Available from Q1 2015!

*This feature requires a data connection to access full functionality
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Get AHP Mobile from Google Play Store    AHP Mobile iOS version coming soon