Bill & History

Billing and History - Click to view a larger image

The software is designed to assume that a large portion of sales may also come from retail at the “front counter”.

For this reason, the POS functionality is very efficient.

  • Just a few keystrokes to complete a bill
  • No need to use a mouse 
  • No need to remember codes 
  • Full and comprehensive bar coding support 
  • Integration to EFT-POS machines 
  • Professional receipts with item-triggered promotional messages
  • Integrated to a Bonus Points loyalty system 
  • Comprehensive Voucher Support with part-redemption history 
  • Arrivals and List Diary - Click to view a larger imageComprehensive debtors charge system 
  • Barcode support – in-house or manufacturers’ barcodes 
  • Barcode support – all services can be bar coded onto sheets 
  • Barcode support – loyalty cards or key-tags with barcodes
  • Barcode support – payment methods can be bar coded onto sheets 
  • Wild-card search function – any characters inside the name of a product
  • User-designed multi-level drop-down pick list for services 
  • All visit history can easily be recorded at the time of the consult or at a later date. The system automatically collates each day’s work for easy access for updates.
  • Easily copy last or any past history notes to “today” to avoid retyping 
  • Predictive typing function to reduce the need to type long phrases 
  • Easily record text notes
  • Easily access and record images directly from digital camera 
  • Easily access and record video clips directly from digital camera 
  • Easily access and record media from files 
  • Preview old notes easily with billing history
  • Write letters or produce smart graphical personalised hand-outs