• Full contact details, including branch based contact information.
  • View the complete product list on VetlinkSQL for a particular supplier
  • Supplier categories for reporting
  • Account reconciliation forms
  • Complete order and invoice history lists
  • Full Document Manager for letters, emails, SMS and notes



The system has a full financial purchase ordering system that automatically updates stock as it is receipted.

  • Manual purchase orders for ad-hoc ordering
  • Automatic purchase orders generation by min/max triggers
  • Orders can be downloaded from hand-held PDA after scanning
  • Full seasonal based min/max can be used for each month
  • Purchase order can be emailed directly to supplier
  • Purchase order converts to Inward Goods invoice on arrival of stock

Inwards Goods & Packing Slips


Upon arrival, the purchase order can be converted to a packing slip or inwards goods invoice which updates stock as well as financials if converting an inwards goods invoice.

  • Convert an order to invoice or packing slip – no re-typing
  • Enter ad-hoc invoice or packing slip without purchase order
  • Maintains back-orders
  • Caters for Bonus stock on same invoice easily
  • Caters for payment due dates (extended payment terms)
  • Allows easy changing of prices directly from the invoice
  • Allows printing of barcode labels from the invoice
  • Inwards goods invoices update financials for payment run


  • Perform complete payment runs for all suppliers or chose a single supplier
  • Extract invoices to pay from a particular payment date range.


VetlinkSQL allows you to directly order online with selected suppliers. Before finishing an order you can check the supplier’s database and see the expected price of the items, the availability, the pack size and informs you of any discrepancies between your stock description and your supplier’s stock description. The order can then be sent directly to the supplier’s warehouse saving time and reducing errors.


StocklinkSQL is a new member to the family of VetlinkSQL products. At the heart of StocklinkSQL is a sophisticated and versatile stock take system and an ordering system, utilising a handheld device, better known as a PDA or Personal Digital Assistant, with a barcode reader. StocklinkSQL uses an SQL database on the PDA to facilitate several advanced feature-sets, not currently found in simple “data capture-only“ devices. These feature-sets include the ability to use multiple PDA’s simultaneously, and the ability to use them at multiple locations, also at the same time. The ordering system allows you to upload your product file to a PDA , walk a round the shelves and enter the amount of stock that needs to be ordered. You can then download this information back onto the workstation to complete the order. The stock take function is much smarter. Instead of uploading the whole product file (like other data capture devices), the stock take module uploads a stock take sheet based on what part of the stock take you want (eg. only pet food). This advanced technique means that the PDA can flag products on your stock take sheet that have yet to be “scanned” or “located” in your building.

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